This is the third experience and places that i go since i become a student of tourism course. it such an amazing experience. why i called the mysterious Taman Botanikal because it full of mysterious question in my mind! haha..if u want to know what is the mysterious question u should come to this park!..hehe.. this place is huge!! u can walk a day in this Park whether with bicycle or shuttle bus..
bicycle.. also full of mysterious..hahhaa

the shuttle bus! so far this bus is  good.. fresh air.!!

why we are here??? hmmm... as the students in Bachelor of Tourism Planning and Hospitality Management, we have been assign a project to finish our report about this place. huhu.. this not leisure trips for us. every point of the place stop, it is like race we have to hurry finish taking the picture, knowing the function of that place, and etc. full of tension..
and full of happiness!! haha see.. it so mysterious..

the place that we visited is

  •  Taman haiwan (Animal Garden)
  • Perkampungan budaya (Kampung Idaman)
  • Rumah 4 musim ( 4 season temperate house )
  • Taman Herba (Herbs Garden)
  • Camar Rimba camppsite.

stable horse.. in Animal Garden!.. but cannot ride it..

they have the deer cage. but i did not manage to take the picture as to excited to give them the food and the place...... mystery.. ahahaha.. i like this word! hahaa. 

my finger is tired now, see u guys in another episode. haha it means part 2 of this story.. bye-bye!!