tips of preparations before travelling for big lady~~

3 day before the trip :

  • build up your stamina.. just a little it enough.. hehe for me it's work
    • jogging.. if u can't jogging maybe take 20-30 minutes walking. do it at least 2 day before the trips. it helps u a lot. 
    • after u wake up, do a stretching and some workout for 5 minutes. As a muslim, we perform fajr prayers it will be count as a workout. 5 times a day. Alhamdulillah i'm healthy. more info about the benefits of solah - benefit of prayers/solah
  • drink A lot of WATER..  it helps your body to contains enough water and prevent your body from shocking.. some of big person doesn't like to drink mineral water.. yeah it happen to me. but now i train myself to drink more water than juice or carbonate drinks.
  • you can EAT a LOT.. but take only protein (chicken,meat,fish) but take a minimum amount of carbohydrate. it will helps your body feel light before your trips. for me, i'm fasting. in a week before trips, 2 days (monday and thursday)  it suggested for us as muslim to fasting, it helps us to control our NAFSu
  • to be continued... 

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