Salam... i'm back.. as you know i will continue for the tips.

  • First, make sure bring a bottle of water at least contains 500 ml.. it is good if you bring more than 1.5 Liter of water. it will have you cover the water that have been dehydrate from your body. 

  • mini towel is a must on the trip.. we as a big lady have to use lot of tissue to sweep our sweat. trust me if you doing the extreme and challenging activities it will make you sweat a lottttt!! hahaha. don't put your trust on tissue. 
  • if you have some asthma, it is important to bring the MEDICINE. 
  • my dearest friends, try to challenging yourself with tough activities such as like hiking, jungle trekking jogging and so on. as you can be healthy as you can. 

i try to reduce my weight since i really want to go hiking the Broga Hills in Selangor. really near with my university.. but my friends said it was too tired for me.. ( as you know that i'm big lady) hahaha.. pray for me!! next sem i will go there In Shaa Allah!! 

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